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Deutsche Bahn Netze selects Suntis for SIM OTA

Deutsche Bahn Netze (DBN) has become yet another leading railway operator to select the Suntis SIM OTA solution. The new solution enables DBN to remotely manage all deployed SIMs in its network, spanning IoT and personal communications devices. The SIM OTA solution complements existing investments in Suntis’ products for mobile and IoT service lifecycle management.

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Suntis helps Vodafone Italy achieve full PCI DSS compliance

More than 40,000,000 mobile subscribers now benefit from industry-leading protection, as Vodafone Italy has achieved PCI DSS compliance. Suntis provided highly secure and mission critical performance to enable integration across multiple legacy payment systems, backed by tokenisation of credit card and customer data to ensure optimum security. PCI DSS compliance was achieved for more than 16 million PANs and over 300 million data records.

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SIM Menu browser

Vodafone needed an innovative way to enhance the usability of SIM services for its subscribers. Together with Suntis, the concept of a Dynamic Menu was created, with user interaction to enable selection from the range of available SIM services. Suntis delivered a class-leading solution that serves more than 30 million subscribers, providing class-leading capabilities and delivering cross-platform functionality.

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Suntis chosen by Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) selects SUSI as consolidated BSS solution for complete GSM-R infrastructure. SUSI offers full lifecycle management for GSM-R and internal telecommunications assets, spanning order and subscriber management, provisioning, billing, reporting, and more, backed by rich workflow origination and control. It’s a single, integrated solution that integrates with the core communications infrastructure and provides flexible extension opportunities.

SIM OTA – Pioneering solutions since 1996

Suntis has led the way in delivering high-performance SIM OTA solutions since 1996. A leading Swiss operator had invested in SIM OTA but needed to enhance the solution, with greater speed and higher reliability. Suntis delivered in just 6 months. The system continues to perform, exceeding expectations and providing worldwide SIM OTA management capabilities.

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