Distributed smart card management

Suntis’ unique Distributed Smart Card Management (DISIM) allows organisations to reduce the complexity of managing a large number of distributed SIM cards for GSM devices, eliminating a significant source of error and loss of cards. SIM cards can be accessed remotely over the Internet and can even be switched between mobile devices without the need to dispatch another SIM card. Suntis DISIM simplifies remote SIM management and testing.

Effortless SIM switching

Suntis DISIM allows SIM cards to be switched between devices without the need to remove the card at all. Enable one device to connect to a SIM in another at the touch of a button.

Eliminate integration

Server software can apply DISIM to connect any SIM card to any mobile device without the need for any integration or programming.

Eliminate lost cards

Managing a large estate of SIM cards physically can be a source of error and lost cards. Suntis DISIM eliminates this, by removing the need to transport cards or send new ones.

Central web platform

Enables operators to manage all cards on a single platform, with a web-based interface for simple management and control.

Effective remote control

Each SIM card controller board connects 32 SIM cards to the Internet. A SIM Card Emulator ‘mimics’ a real SIM card in the mobile device. Unique Suntis software provides the connection between the card controller and the emulator and, once connected to the remote SIM card, the mobile device connects to the network. This process is easily repeated to ‘insert’ a different SIM card into the same device.

  • ‘Insert’ SIM cards in any mobile device over the Internet
  • Manage all SIM cards and devices from a single platform
  • Secure connection ensures privacy protection
  • Fast, reliable and easy to integrate

Choose how to connect

OEM option

OEM software allows integrators to adapt DISIM into their own solutions by creating their own application that can use DISIM. Supports Microsoft Windows.

Internet access

Server software allows connection over the Internet without the need for any integration or programming, enabling connection of any SIM card to any mobile phone.

Server management

Flexible distributed technology means that DISIM SIM Card Controllers can be configured as a network of servers either distributed around the world or in a single location.

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