Smart transportation

Transport providers need to manage complex networks of devices, people and vehicles and trains, as well as provide novel payment options, such as eTicketing and pay-as-you-travel. Suntis has it covered.

Smart mobility management

Suntis provides a single, scalable platform based on an open microservices architecture. Open interfaces and tight integration mean that the modular platform can be integrated into existing networks, while low cost of acquisition and automatic data flows reduce the cost of daily operations.

eTicketing and intelligent transport

Suntis eTicketing (SET) allows rail operators and other service providers to offer new payment options and fare structures to customers, providing convenience and flexibility for their travel needs. SET is a single, scalable platform capable of handling an unlimited number of passengers, and can be installed on-premise or in the cloud.

Leading organisations choose Suntis as their trusted partner to deliver subscriber, smart transport and IoT solutions.

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