SIM card value-added services

Our secure S@T (SIM application toolkit) push solutions allow operators to take full advantage of Suntis’ implementation of the SIMalliance’s S@T SIM browser back end. The S@T microbrowser is used by over 1 billion phones around the world that still use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to access the mobile Internet. The Suntis S@T SIM back end can be integrated into any existing environment, providing mobile operators with a secure way to offer value-added services directly via SIM cards.

Push direct to SIM

Suntis S@T (SIM application toolkit) push solutions enable mobile operators to offer value-added services directly to SIM cards, including web applications such as email, stocks and sports news.

Fast and secure delivery

Push fast and secure web applications to over 1 billion mobile phones in 30 countries around the world still using WAP to browse the Internet.

Common standards

The Suntis SIMalliance S@T back end provides Internet-compatible signatures to enable mobile commerce and finance applications, according to PKCS standards.

OS and device neutral

Suntis S@T supports all applications available on SIM cards regardless of the phone’s mobile operating system.

Mobile micro browser

The SIMalliance Toolbox Browser (S@T) is a micro-browser designed for use on mobile devices that support WAP. Stored as an executable application on the SIM card in a GSM mobile phone, the browser offers mobile service providers an interactive means to enable web applications on GSM devices, offering multiple benefits.

  • Configure the menu displayed and download to the SIM card
  • Take full advantage of the device’s STK commands
  • Choice of S@T enabled SIM cards from any manufacturer
  • Enable secure access to Internet services

Enable 1 billion WAP users

Feature phone

Modern mobile browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, now support full HTML web pages, but WAP is still in demand from millions of legacy GSM device users around the world.

Low-cost engagement

Offer value-added web applications, such as browsing, email, stocks and news, to a huge population of users in developing nations.

Standards based

The Suntis implementation offers a fully standardised S@T SIMalliance browser back end with full integration into any existing environment.

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