Mobility, MVNOs & IoT

The digital landscape is changing. Service providers need to be able to remotely and securely manage subscriptions over the entire lifecycle of engagement, whether a mobile phone, a SIM/eSIM card or an IoT device. Suntis enables MVNOs, Rail, Utility, IoT, 5G and other service providers to take control of the subscription lifecycle, now and for the future.


SUSI is our comprehensive, modular platform for BSS and enabling solutions for mobile and IoT services. It allows MVNOs to remain competitive and attract new customers by providing complete control over the entire lifecycle of eSIMs/SIMs and mobile/IoT devices, including SIM-OTA management of eSIMs/SIMs and SIM-Apps. SUSI is the ideal tool for 5G operators, offering everything you need to effectively orchestrate and manage operations.


Suntis can help to lay the foundation for the launch of successful professional IoT services. Flexible and scalable, our powerful, secure, end-to-end IoT subscription and lifecycle management platform enables providers to quickly launch innovative IoT services and unlock new revenue streams.


Suntis offers a complete telecom mobility solution for rail operators. Our highly reliable, scalable and comprehensive platform automatically manages the entire lifecycle of connected devices, assets and fleets of trains. The open microservices architecture satisfies all GSM-R and future FRMCS requirements . And of course, it can be easily adapted to meet unique needs.


Increased competition, emerging smart grids and growing environmental challenges are putting pressure on Utility providers to meet evolving energy requirements. The modular Suntis architecture offers a powerful platform to unlock agility and enable providers with comprehensive Utility IoT lifecycle management.

Leading organisations choose Suntis as their trusted partner to deliver subscriber, smart transport and IoT solutions.

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