Intelligent and integrated

Transport providers need to run highly complex networks capable of not only managing their own staff and fleets of trains and buses, but also enabling end-to-end ticketless and mobile payment systems. This requires multiple IT systems and services, from OTA SIM card and app communications to provisioning, billing and invoicing. Suntis provides a complete, modular smart mobility management solution to meet all the needs of rail operators and other transport service providers.

Scalable and unified platform

Suntis' SUSI platform provides a single, comprehensive smart mobility management solution that not only meets current needs, but is also scalable for future growth.

Tight integration with enterprise IT

Open interfaces allow all IT systems to interact automatically, reducing and eliminating data redundancy and sources of errors.

Reduce operational costs

Low cost of acquisition and TCO, and reduced costs of daily operations due to automation of multiple tasks and integrated data flows.

Flexible, open architecture

Suntis’ open, modular microservices architecture means that it can be integrated into existing systems or tailored to meet the unique needs of each operator, now and in the future.

Proven with leading rail providers

Suntis SUSI is already deployed at some of Europe’s largest rail operators, including DB Netz, the rail infrastructure company of Deutsche Bahn responsible for 40,000 train journeys per day, and SBB Swiss Federal Railways, which carries 1.25 million passengers every day.

  • Low cost of acquisition and reduced cost of daily operations
  • Solution can be tailored to meet unique operator requirements
  • Innovative Media Break Free Processing automates tasks and enables integrated data flows
  • Comprehensive solution, with full lifecycle management

A single platform for all your smart mobility management needs

Outstanding reliability

Integrated and intelligent transportation units connected to every aspect of the network guarantee reliability, security, more efficient processes and fewer service disruptions.

Cost optimisation

Deployments can be tailored to the needs of each GSM-R operator, while our innovative MBFP (Media Break Free Processing) automates many tasks and enables integrated data flows between modules, reducing the cost of daily operations.

Eliminate silos

Multiple processes consolidated on to a single platform and integrated data flows between modules and systems provide a completely automated environment, from processing of initial order to generation of final invoice.

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