OTA SIM solution

The role of SIMs has been essential to the success of the cellular industry. In future, it will become increasingly important as mobile operators embrace ever more applications and services, such as IoT, LTE, mobile payments, authentication, and advanced roaming solutions. Suntis SIM OTA is a state-of-the-art mobile OTA service management solution, which enables communication with any SIM, allowing remote application and SIM card content downloads and management, helping operators to attract customers and remain competitive.

Avoid vendor lock-in

SIM card vendor-independent SIM management solution enabling a flexible and cost-efficient SIM management without vendor lock-in.

Remote SIM control

Communicate with any SIM card without being physically connected. OTA communicates with the SIM card, downloads applications and manages SIM card content remotely.

New revenue streams

Enable Internet of Things, LTE, mobile payments and authentication and advanced roaming solutions.

Reduce operational costs

Make Mobile OTA Service Management more cost-efficient, secure and profitable.

Complete lifecycle management

Manage SIM lifecycles remotely, enabling unique features that boost revenues and reduce SIM costs – at scale and with high-performance.

  • Reduce roaming costs and boost roaming services revenues
  • Remote management of subscriber lifecycle
  • Enable M2M and IoT businesses
  • Flexible and cost-effective SIM management

Benefits of OTA SIM

Fast time to market

Rapid deployment, high performance, and low cost for a comprehensive OTA SIM management solution over the full lifecycle.

Protect revenue

Roaming service optimisation to protect revnue and maximise financial performance.

Technology neutral

Single solution for all connectivity technologies, Suntis OTA SIM supports GSM, CDMA, LTE, BIP/HTTP, Multi-SIM, eSIM and eUICC.

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