Mobility for rail operators

Rail operators run highly complex networks that connect devices, assets and their fleet of trains to deliver an integrated range of services. Suntis’ SUSI provides a range of GSM-R and rail mobility solutions.

It’s a highly reliable, scalable and comprehensive platform that automatically manages the entire lifecycle of a broad range of connected devices and services, serving all rail operator needs, now and in the future.


SUSI’s open Microservices architecture satisfies all GSM-R operator needs today and can be easily adapted to future requirements.


Highly secure OTA transmission, with secure protocols to integrate with external and internal systems.


Subscriber overview, including attributed user devices, contract and subscriber search and retrieval, with full user history.

Proven for rail

SUSI delivers for Swiss Federal Railways, German Federal Railway and Romanian Railway, among other leading providers.

Flexible, modular platform

SUSI is based on Suntis Enterprise Portfolio (SEP), a flexible, modular platform and built on an agile microservices approach that supports future growth. It can be integrated into existing environments or as a customised, add-on.

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Single, integrated solution
  • Simple provisioning and order management
  • Full contract lifecycle management

Cost-effective scalable rail mobility solutions

Full range of benefits

SUSI offers a low cost of acquisition, which can be tailored to suit the needs and size of each rail or GSM-R operator.

Complete automation

TCO is just one side of the story. SUSI automates many tasks and enables integrated data flow between modules, significantly reducing operational costs.

Fully featured by design

SUSI offers a broad feature set, including SIM Card Programming (OTA or card reader), an advanced Microservices design, high reliability and performance, strong OTA security, web-based interface, and intuitive workflow.

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