Security as standard

Suntis security solutions cover IoT, LTE, mobile payments, authentication, advanced roaming, and more – offering comprehensive security that meets the latest standards.

Security (SUNPAS / PCI / DSS)

SUNPAS is Suntis’ implementation of the GSMA’s two-factor authorisation security standard Mobile Connect. By matching a user to their mobile phone it removes the need for them to remember PIN numbers and passwords. Suntis also enables PCI DSS compliance.

Remote SIM management and testing

Reduce the complexity and cost of managing large estates of remote SIMs with Suntis Distributed Smart Card Management.

Mobile OTA service management

The role of the SIM card is becoming increasingly important. The Suntis mobile OTA service management solution enables communication with any SIM card, including downloads and content.


Get ready for IoT and M2M with Suntis eSIM provisioning and control, opening up new revenue streams with minimum integration costs.

Secure access to S@T

SIM application toolkit or S@T is a secure way for mobile operators to enable valued added services to over one billion GSM phones still in use around the world today.

Leading organisations choose Suntis as their trusted partner to deliver subscriber, smart transport and IoT solutions.

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