Secure by design

In today’s complex IT and communications environment standard security suites are not sufficient. Our customers need problem-focused security solutions that just work. That’s why Suntis solutions are built from the ground up with superior security that meets the latest standards, and comes integrated directly into every customer solution.


SUNPAS is Suntis’ implementation of the GSMA’s two-factor authorisation security standard, Mobile Connect. It removes the need for users to record numerous PIN and passwords.


PCI DSS is a global standard for securing payment card data that was set up to reduce card fraud by introducing tight controls over the storage, sharing and processing of cardholder data.


All interfaces operate in ciphered channels HTTPS/SSL/TLs to eliminate data spoofing. Sensitive data is stored ciphered. The Hardware Security Module (HSM) is available as an optional extra.

Fully redundant

Our 3GPP-compliant mobile security solutions are built in a fully redundant architecture, removing any single point of failure. Our solution is fast, reliable and safe.

Secure. Compliant. Protected.

Comprehensive security solutions from Suntis, covering multiple applications and services from mobile phone payments and smart cards to payment card data security.

  • Fully redundant and scalable
  • Latest security standards
  • Full integration with existing systems
  • Data protection

Comprehensive mobile security solutions

Protect payments

PCI DSS integration – protect your payment card data with the global standard, reducing fraud and simplifying customer authentication.

Mobile 2FA

Enable customers to use their smartphone as a two-factor authentication tool with SUNPAS, the Suntis implementation of Mobile Connect.

Industry leading

Adopt best security practices for digital transformation and ensure end-to-end, integrated security.

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