MVNOs need to be able to easily and accurately manage subscribers and contracts over the lifecycle of the engagement, as well as provide a broad range of services to attract customers and remain competitive. SUSI is a comprehensive platform for MVNO BSS and subscriber communications, including SIMs, mobile phones and devices, and accessories, taking the complexity out of daily operations and management.

Control SIMs and devices

SUSI includes OTA communication with remote SIMs and apps, Mobile Connect for access control, and an eSIM management platform for M2M applications and subscriber SIM cards.

Integrate with applications

As an open architecture, SUSI can integrate tightly into existing enterprise and customised solutions enabling automatic processing of tasks and reduced data redundancy.

Low TCO and acquisition

The cost of acquisition is low and can be tailored to meet different budgets and requirements. SUSI also helps lower operating expenses by automating many tasks.

Simplify your lifecycle

SUSI brings together everything you need, including order management, contract management, provisioning, billing and rating, invoicing (online / offline), and more.

Suntis Enterprise Portfolio

SUSI is on based Suntis Enterprise Portfolio (SEP), a broad suite of modules that can be tightly integrated either into existing infrastructure or as a custom build. Its open microservices approach serves current needs, and future growth.

  • Automated tasks via Media Break Free Processing
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Integrated data flows
  • Open Microservices architecture

Powerful provisioning, order and subscriber management for MVNOs

Accelerate time to market

Suntis’ modular approach reduces the need for major customisation, leading to short implementation times, smooth launch, flexible functionality and future proofing.

Complete, fully integrated security

SUSI comes with outstanding, built-in security, guaranteeing safe and secure system operation, without the need for additional security solutions.

Workflow management and insights

Complete MVNO BSS and subscriber communications with workflow integration and inventory management, backed by powerful reporting tools to ensure consistent performance for your growing SIM and customer base.

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