Optimise passenger flows and mobility

eTicketing is changing the face of travel, delivering convenience, flexibility and new ways to pay for customers, as well as significant operating and maintenance cost savings, and new fare structures for operators. Suntis eTicketing (SET) provides a solution that puts eTicketing services in the palms of customers, while providing operators with a single platform from which to manage the entire eTicketing process and workflow.

Powerful data backend

The Suntis smart mobility backend system, eTravel, is a powerful tool at the centre of the Suntis eTicketing solution. The integrated platform offers automated data interfaces between different components and with existing IT systems, such as SAP.

Flexible payment options

The Suntis eTicketing solution offers the possibility to create new fare structures, and secure increased revenue, for service operators, while opening up more flexible payment options, such as ‘pay as you travel’, for customers.

Integrated workflows

eTravel incorporates all the required workflows, including passenger management, device management and contract management, ensuring a comprehensive eTicketing solution.

OS and device neutral

Suntis offers a passenger app, as well as an inspection personnel app, for iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems, with tight security fully integrated into all.

Process and workflow consolidation

The Suntis eTicketing solution unifies all processes and workflows, and provides an integrated platform with automated data interfaces and a web-based interface for simple administration and management.

  • Automatic workflows and automated tasks reduce operational costs
  • A single, scalable platform for unlimited passenger numbers
  • Secure storage of financial and personal passenger data to PCI DDS standards
  • Platform can be installed on-premise or in the cloud

Simplified, automated management

Secure data control

Passenger management workflows handle all data relating to every registered passenger, while interacting with other systems to gather all relevant information.

Device management

Order, register and track smartphones, SIM cards and Bluetooth devices on a single platform, with the option of downloading information directly to a SIM card or smartphone app via the built-in OTA functionality.

End-to-end BSS

Comprehensive contract management, including the creation and execution of contracts and billing, with complete visibility via dashboards, automatic renewal alerts and configurable reports.

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