SIM lifecycle control

Suntis embedded SIM card management enables remote eSIM provisioning and control and opens up new business opportunities in IoT and M2M. It implements the latest GSMA de facto standard, covering M2M and subscription management, and helps to reduce logistical costs associated with handling physical SIM cards and the associated security. It provides benefits for all parties.

Diversify service portfolio

Launch new IoT and M2M services, reduce logistics costs, while retaining existing security levels. Suntis’ solution minimises impact to the existing infrastructure, simplifies distribution, and reduces adoption costs.

Target new markets

Remote provisioning of SIMs and eSIMs allows manufacturers to add flexibility to their product range, helping them to differentiate their services and open up new markets.

Reassurance for businesses

Adherence to the GSMA’s global standard offers reassurance to business subscribers that there is a common architecture for their existing SIM capabilities over the entire subscriber lifecycle.

Flexibility for subscribers

Remote eSIM provisioning and control enables flexibility for private subscribers, who can change offers without the need to change SIM cards, and enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices regardless of network.

Fully standards compliant

The GSMA’s Embedded SIM Specification provides a single standard for OTA provisioning of initial operator subscriptions, and subsequent changes between operators, accelerating M2M market penetration.

  • Enable IoT and M2M
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve flexibility and efficiency
  • Drive economies of scale

Driving the M2M market

Accelerate growth

Remote eSIM provisioning and control is an essential driver for growth of the M2M and IoT markets, offering flexibility, economies of scale and reduced costs.

Flexible control

Operators, SIM manufacturers and private and business subscribers all benefit from the flexibility and reassurance remote provisioning and management brings.

Global compatibility

Adherence to a common industry standard ensures all returns on R&D investments are maximised.

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