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Integrated and intelligent transportation units will be linked into a network, guaranteeing higher security, more efficient processes and less disruptions to the service. When the European railway operators introduced the ETCS system and the GSM-R network, connectivity, communication and security were its primary objectives.


Mobile phones, radio equipment, land networks, fiber and copper, the rails’ in-house telecom departments manage tenth of thousands of subscribers with a rising order volume of thousands of SIM cards, mobile phones and other accessories. The complexity of the operation and management of the enterprise becomes apparent when we take into consideration thousands of annual data manipulations with a projected increase of 20% per year. In order to keep everything under control, the processes must be integrated into a single platform, which provides a completely automated environment from the processing of the initial order to the generation of the final invoice.


Numerous IT systems are needed for daily chores surrounding the operation of the type of network and its main components:

  • Mobile phone and SIM card management solutions:

    • OTA software for remote SIM and APP communication

    • Mobile Connect platform for worry free access control

    • eSIM management platform for flexible and efficient subscriber control, for M2M applications as well as subscriber SIM cards

  • Order Management

  • Contract Management

  • Subscriber Management

  • Equipment Inventory Platform

  • Provisioning

  • Billing

  • Rating

  • Invoicing, both pre-paid as well as post-paid


Beyond the required IT equipment, a few important operational aspects must be considered:

  • The IT platforms need to interact automatically, in order to reduce data redundancy and source of errors:

  • Cost of acquisition must be reasonable;

  • Total Cost of Ownership must be low.


SunTiS can provide that platform! It not only satisfies the mobility operator’s needs, but due to its open architecture, it is easily extendable for future enhancements. Today, SUSI is successfully deployed at large European Railway operators, among which:

SUSI power pack solution is available at a reasonable cost. The purchasing cost of the system may be tailored to the size of each GSM-R operator. Low cost of acquisition is only one side of the story. The innovative MBFP (Media Break Free Processing) automates many of the tasks and allows for integrated data flows between the different modules, decisively reducing the cost of operation.

SUNTIS assures that the initial investment is well protected. Whether SUSI needs to be integrated into the existing environment or a custom tailored extension is required, SUNTIS has the engineers and the know-how to do the job. Even SIM applet programming is not a problem, SUNTIS will provide the service at reasonable cost. Our customers will not be left out in the dark; SUNTIS provides courses, a standard as well individual maintenance and support service.

You would like to learn more about this revolutionary system, do not hesitate to contact SUNTIS