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SIM OTA - Manage SIM Cards Over The Air

OTA is a state of the art SIM Card Management solution, which enables the communication with any SIM card without being connected physically to the card. OTA communicates with the SIM card, downloads applications and manages SIM card content remotely.

For additional information on OTA, please visit SICAP product description page.

eUICC - Embedded SIM Card Management - Ready today for tomorrow's IoT and M2M

The GSMA’s Embedded SIM Specification provides a single, de-facto standard mechanism allowing the “over the air” provisioning of an initial operator subscription, and the subsequent change of subscription from one operator to another. This standard will accelerate the M2M (Machine to Machine) market penetration and increase opportunities for operators, M2M customers and subscribers around the globe by reducing cost, improve flexibility and efficiency as it drives the economies of scale.

SUNTIS offers the implementation of the latest standard defined by the GSMA association, covering M2M (Machine to Machine) and subscription management.


Embedded SIM offers advantages to all parties involved.


Operators gain new business opportunities from a world of intelligently connected services and devices, reduce the logistical costs associated with handling traditional SIM cards and retain existing SIM security levels, all with minimum impact to their current network infrastructure, and minimum cost of integration and testing.


SIM Manufacturers add flexibility to their current products and open up new markets by providing the infrastructure and services that remotely provision SIMs. Adherence to a common industry standard ensures all returns on R&D investments are maximized.


Business Subscribers, whose product life cycles are often lengthy, enjoy the reassurance of knowing there is a common global architecture with no compromise on existing SIM capabilities. Inevitably they benefit from enhanced flexibility regarding their manufacturing, global constraints versus local connectivity contracts.


Private Subscribers have the possibility to change their subscription and the provider, without having to change the SIM card in their mobile phone. They can enjoy a seamless experience on numerous devices, knowing they are securely and intelligently connected to a variety of mobile networks.


The SIM that can be provisioned remotely is the vital enabler for the future growth of the M2M (Machine to Machine) and the IoT (Internet of Things) market.

SUNPAS - The SUNTIS ’ Mobile Connect Solution

Mobile Connect is a secure universal standardised log-in solution. By matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications without the need to remember passwords and usernames. It’s safe, secure and no personal information is shared without permission. SUNTIS' implementation SUNPAS of this standard will satisfy all your applications and security requirements.

If you shop, just surf on the Internet or would like to log in onto an ATM machine, you will be asked to enter authentication information such as username and password. In today’s dynamic environment this is already regarded as a nuisance. Legitimate security issues are of concern as well. The question arises, how can this procedure be simplified and at the same time made more secure. We in Switzerland are very sensitive to security issues. That is why we pay attention and develop the most secure solutions and authentication procedures which we make available to our customers worldwide.


SUNTIS’ SUNPAS is the appropriate answer. It is a secure authentication service, which is fully compliant to the Mobile Connect GSMA standard. It can be easily integrated as a third party solution to your existing application. We will provide the necessary server, app technology as well as consultancy. SUNPAS will work in conjunction with a SIM card, as well as a stand-alone solution, integrated into your authentication scheme.


How does it work? The user must enter his or her credentials only once. The data will be stored securely on the server. From now on every time the user wishes to log in at a terminal, the mobile phone will act as the access device.

SUNPAS uses two different channels for communication, this is what makes it very difficult to track and break into. The first step is to identify oneself at the terminal and send of the request via Internet. Once the secure server has verified the identification, the server initiates an authentication request over the mobile network to the user’s mobile phone. The user is asked to confirm the request with the mobile device. The confirmation can be as simple as authenticating yourself with the fingerprint sensor on the mobile phone. At this point the authorization is relayed to the secure server over the mobile network channel. The secure server grants access to the user at the terminal and the user accesses the desired service All this occurs at a fraction of a second, no SMS, no typing of usernames nor passwords.

S@T - The SIMalliance Universal SIM Browser

Mobile operators can take full advantage from SIMallinace S@T SIM back-end from SUNTIS. Not only will we provide the full implementation of the standardized SIM browser back-end, we will also completely integrate the SUNTIS ’ S@T SIM back-end into your existing environment. 


Main features of SIMallinace S@T SIM standard are:

  • The menu that is displayed on the mobile phone, can be configured with the mobile operator’s services and downloaded to the SIM card;

  • Takes full advantage of the mobile phone’s STK commands;

  • The SIMallinace S@T SIM browser is a standard and therefore allows the mobile operator to choose S@T enabled SIM cards from different manufacturers;

  • Enables secure user access to Internet services.


In today’s dynamic world of smartphones and APPs, SIM applications and the S@T SIM standard have advantages:

  • Mobile operators can offer their value added services directly on their SIM cards;

  • The applications are fast and secure;

  • Internet compatible signatures for mobile commerce and finances is available according to the PKCS standards;

  • All phones, regardless of their operating system, support the applications that run in a SIM card.


Take advantage of the SNOW family of products to securely and efficiently manage the S@T SIM browser menu downloads and updates.

DISIM - Distributed Smart Card Management

Imagine taking the SIM card out of the mobile phone, send it to another part of the world and with the help of SUNTIS’ DISIM equipment, connect the very same SIM card from far away with your mobile phone and use it as though the SIM card was locally inserted. Although it seems impossible, SUNTIS has created such a device. The first generation was introduced in 2004. Since 2011, SUNTIS offers the second generation of DISIM components, faster, improved, and at a great value. DISIM is a product of Swiss quality engineering at its best, secure, fast, reliable and easy to integrate.   

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