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The digital age has swept the telephony word by storm and it continues to be an important innovation and factor for continuous change and growth. With smartphones at our disposal, we have grown accustomed to its use in our daily lives. Smart Mobility is more then just a phrase, it is a fact and it is a means on how we plan to travel in the future.


Smart Mobility is coming to transportation, whether we like it or not. Smartphone APPs have brought travel planning, live access to transportation status, online access to travel information and much more.


The aviation industry has already welcomed e-tickets and online payments. The next industry to follow will be the ground transportation, rail operators, bus operators, and city transportation. Pay as you travel will be based on where you travel.


SUNTIS has the solutions, which will enable the traveller to access the user-centered ticketing services at the palm of the hand. The transportation operator on the other hand will have a tool to easily manage the whole process and workflow with one single system.


Not only does e-ticketing promise to the transport organization a significant reduction in the operating and maintenance cost, but it also offers more flexibility in the fare structures as it opens new payment options. SunTiS’ solution can be easily integrated into the existing ticketing system as a complementary payment method.




SUNTIS offers an APP for the iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems. With the APP, depending on the methodology used, the passenger is in control of his travel cost. Not only will the passenger be able to book his trip, but he will also be able to view all the data associated with trips during a set period, such as cost, itinerary, date and time.


The communication between the APP and the mobility server is secured. SUNTIS will provide the complete APP or integrate the functionality into an existing APP of the transport operator.



Often the inspection personnel of the transport operator will perform routine checks in order to verify whether passengers have a valid travel authorization or not. SUNTIS offers an APP for the iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems, which allows the personnel to check the passenger’s travel authorization.


The communication between the APP and the mobility server is secured. SunTiS will provide the complete APP or integrate the functionality into an existing APP of the transport operator.


The SunTiS Smart Mobility Backend System ETRAVEL is at the center of operation and a powerful tool of the SunTiS e-ticketing solution. It unifies all the processes and workflows required and desired in a modern e-ticketing solution. ETRAVEL is an integrated platform with a common WEB user interface and automated data interfaces between its various components as well as the external transport operator’s systems such as SAP. The seamless integration of the various subsystems guarantees a media break free operation. A few highlights of ETRAVEL:

  • Reduced cost of ownership for the transport operator due to automatic workflows and media break free operation

  • Unlimited number of passengers can be managed in one single system

  • Safe and secure storage of passenger financial data by following the PCI-DSS guidelines

  • The platform can be installed either at the operator’s premises or in the cloud, enjoying lower TCO and always latest versions with minimal demands on the IT organization.


ETRAVEL Backend system incorporates all the important workflows

Passenger Management

The Passenger Management workflow handles all the information related to a registered passenger. It interacts with other systems within the organization for data access.


Device Management

Depending on the solution chosen, encompasses different devices. Smartphone and SIM card, Bluetooth devices, all these devices can be ordered, registered and tracked on the platform. platform also communicates to the devices, downloading information directly to the SIM card or the smartphone APP with the OTA functionality.


Contract Management

Say goodbye to misplaced and mismanaged contracts, and to the risks and lost savings that go with them. With ETRAVEL Contract Management, you can eliminate the paper and ink from the creation, execution, and management of any type of contractual agreement. ETRAVEL Contract Management offers complete visibility with handy dashboards, automatic renewal alerts and configurable reports.


The Contract Management takes care of all the billing. From trips to invoice generation, everything is included. The passenger can access own contract and always transparently see all the trips taken.


Close contracts faster and more efficiently with electronic signature software. An electronic signature is a fast and secure way to sign a contract. It involves attaching an encoded signature to an electronic document, verifying the identity of the signer and signifying an approval to terms.



SUNTIS' ETRAVEL Mobility Platform supports passenger access technologies


Travel Ticket

Passenger purchases the desired ticket before the voyage and stores the ticket on the smartphone. The ticket can be paid immediately or can be charged on the passenger’s bill and invoiced at the end of the billing period.


CICO/CIBO (CheckIn-CheckOut / CheckIn-BeOut)

The passenger’s registration device is the smartphone. For the CICO procedure, the passenger “Checks-In” at the originating station and after reaching the destination, the passenger “Checks-Out”. The smartphone sends the travel ticket to the Mobility Platform.

The CIBO procedure is similar to the CICO procedure, with the difference that already at the origin, the passenger may insert the destination.


BIBO (BeIn-BeOut)

This is the most comfortable solution from the passenger’s point of view. No interaction from the passenger is required, the only thing that the passenger needs to have with him is the smartphone. The registration automatically occurs after the passenger boards the vehicle. After leaving, the passenger is automatically de-registered. A single travel ticket could be the combination of different vehicle changes.  The ETRAVEL Mobility Platform keeps track of everything and automatically charges the passenger.