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SIM OTA - Building SIM OTA solutions since 1996

In 1996, when a large Swiss mobile operator required a new OTA platform, they turned their sights to a software engineering group in Bellinzona. The requirements were clear, make the new OTA faster, more robust and base it on the latest available technologies. Design, implement, test and have the new platform ready for distribution to customers worldwide within 6 months, and of course, stay within the agreed budget. We took on the challenge, completed the system in time, meeting all the expectations and helped distribute it to customers worldwide, on time and on budget.

SIM Menu Browser for Vodafone

It was the year where the IT community was still recovering from the “Year 2000” pitfalls and smartphones have not yet conquered the world. A large European operator had an idea on how to improve the usability and boost the acceptance of their added value services for their subscribers. They envisioned the “Dynamic Menu” for the mobile phone, they wanted their own SIM browser. The idea behind it was simple. Allow the mobile subscriber to visualize the services offered by the mobile operator, right on the screen of the mobile phone. Show only the services that the subscriber is interested in. By “selecting” the name of the service on the mobile phone (it was the time before touch screens have penetrated the mobile world), the subscriber was able to launch the desired service. SUNTIS was called to design and implement the platform that governed the complete functionality of this revolutionary service. Eight months later, the system was up and running, serving thirty million subscribers.

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