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PCI-DSS for Vodafone Italy

The software of 13 Vodafone Italy legacy systems handling credit card data had to be modified and a tokenization machine installed. In order to integrate all the systems and to guarantee a smooth flow of data between the tokenization machine and the legacy systems, a secure, high performance, high availability and a never fail architecture had to be implemented. The challenging task of developing the integrating server software, simply named “The Channel”, was handed out to SUNTIS. A year and a half after the kick-off, Vodafone Italy has announced that it is on the road to become fully PCI DSS compliant. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems Management Solution

Mobile phones, radio equipment, land networks, fiber and copper, the transportation companies in-house telecom departments manage tens of thousands of subscribers with a rising order volume of thousands of SIM cards, mobile phones and other accessories. The complexity of the operation and management of the enterprise becomes apparent when we take into consideration thousands of annual data manipulations with a projected increase of 20% per year. In order to keep everything under control, the processes must be integrated into a single IT platform, which provides a completely automated environment from the processing of the initial order to the generation of the final invoice.

Based on SUNTIS' SUSI product two of largest European railways have chosen SUNTIS to implement and deploy this important system. The systems were adapted to the individual business process requirements of each railway and are currently in use, guaranteeing a smooth operation of the railways.

Business Tools

When legacy systems were to be replaced, one of SUNTIS' large customers has asked us to evaluate and optimise the key business processes and implement and deploy the necessary tools. This was achieved by devising a state of the art architecture business process platform. The result was a project implementation with a limited time frame and pre-defined budget, SunTiS delivered the solutions as planned, saving our customer valuable resources and money. The best part was that the whole system was payed back within six months after deployment. The set of tools includes:

  • Audio recording and archiving platform for all audio conversations.

  • Issue registration and resolution tracking system.

  • Documentation scanning and archiving system.

  • An Order Tracking system for all parties involved, administration, sales agents and customers.

  • A complete management platform for sales campaign creation, evaluation and reporting to upper management.

SIM and Smart Card Platforms Solutions

Each mobile phone needs a SIM card of some form to operate. The form factor has changed over the years, the art of how a SIM card is implemented will change in the future as well. However, SUNTIS is one of only a few independent companies world wide that has the know-how and the capability to offer solutions in this fascinating field. From a simple communication with the SIM card, to a whole IoT management platform, SUNTIS was called upon by one of our worldwide partners to work for and with them on complex issues to implement new platforms. OTA systems, messaging systems, testing solutions, Internet of Things solutions, SUNTIS has done it all. Our systems are deployed with various Mobile Telecom Operators worldwide, ranging from 5 million subscribers to 80 million subscribers. The systems are mission critical, high throughput and are serviced based on a 24/7 concept.


Swiss Army has devised and installed an extensive aircraft defence system. FEBEKO's main objective is to make sure that in times of conflict, the Swiss military does not down own aircraft. The defence operation is coordinated through the FEBEKO command console. The command console was devised and engineered by SUNTIS. The system was developed in ADA and operates on DEC VMS operating system. It is a mission critical, high security platform.. SUNTIS continues to service and guarantee smooth operation of the command console.

MONEC Voyager

In 1999, MONEC had the vision that the book of the future will be an electronic book. The electronic book or E-book will have various connectivity possibilities, ranging from GSM, to WFI and Bluetooth. SUNTIS is proud to have been involved in the development and engineering of the initial device, leading the vast development team all the the way to the production of the initial series of Voyager devices.