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Switzerland is known for its beautiful mountains, tasty chocolate and world famous cheese. Switzerland however, also stands for quality products, reliability and security. We at SUNTIS work hard and are committed to be a reliable partner, providing quality software and systems solutions, abiding to highest quality and security standards for our clients.


The emphasis of SUNTIS when it comes to software development is straightforward. Keep the solution simple, apply the most suitable technologies, meet the deadlines, stay within the agreed framework and budget and be flexible to customer’s requirements.


SUNTIS has successfully implemented high performance, high throughput, mission critical systems for large corporations worldwide. A successful software implementation starts with a thorough, deep analysis of customer’s processes, requirements and design services. Our dedicated testing group will devise and follow through the most sophisticated tests, in order to assure the quality that your organization deserves. If you have an ICT project, our expert engineers will devise the best solution possible. One of the most important cycles in the life of any software is the phase after deployment. We offer extensive maintenance and support models to suite your needs.


Our professional engineers adapt the latest technologies. Whether you need a cloud-based implementation, a virtual environment solution, or a dedicated hardware based application, we will provide it.


Since 1999 SUNTIS is IS0 9001 (scope 33 – “Computer Engineering”) certified and in 2009 SUNTIS has received the IRIS (scope 10 – “Passenger Information Systems”) quality certification. In the spring of 2014 SUNTIS has received the ISO 14001 certification.


We have developed and delivered mission critical software solutions for more than 30 years, for military, telecommunication, financial, marketing and large transportation industries. We have successfully applied our deep telecommunication know-how, combined with software engineering principles in order to build superior solutions for our customers. In each and every project, our main objective was to focus on our customers and their needs. Once you care about solving the problem, you’ll feel energized no matter what professional method, tool or technology you apply.

At SUNTIS, we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and success is delivering superior, cost-effective components and system solutions. Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables us to produce innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.



We will transform your ideas into the product that you envisioned and we will achieve that together with you following a few simple steps:

  • Validate the idea before spending time and money on it.

  • Discuss with the prospective users of the product early.

  • Adapt a state of the art architectural model and design by applying the latest available technology.

  • Save time and money by only building features, people will actually use.

  • We have the talented and competent group of people who will build the product with you.

  • Once deployed, rest assured that we will provide the support the you desire, no matter where your system is deployed.



  • We will provide the best solution possible.

  • We will live up to our commitment.

  • We will stay within the agreed budget and deliver on time.

  • We are proud of our quality of solutions that we deliver.

  • We promise to resolve any arising issue quickly and efficiently.