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Imagine taking the SIM card out of the mobile phone, send it to another part of the world and with the help of SUNTIS’ DISIM equipment, connect the very same SIM card from far away with your mobile phone and use it as though the SIM card was locally inserted. Although it seems impossible, SUNTIS has created such a device. The first generation was introduced in 2004. Since 2011, SUNTIS offers the second generation of DISIM components, faster, improved, and at a great value. DISIM is a product of Swiss quality engineering at its best, secure, fast, reliable and easy to integrate.


For any organization managing a large number of SIM cards for GSM devices in different locations is not only a complex process, but it also is a source of error and risk of loss of SIM cards. With SUNTIS ’ DISIM, all SIM cards are stored either in one central or in different, distributed locations. The SIM cards can be accessed remotely over the Internet and can be switched from one mobile device to another, without ever having to move or ship one single SIM card.


How does it work? The SIM cards are placed into a DISIM SIM Card Controller board. Each SIM card controller board holds up to 32 SIM cards. Up to 16 DISIM SIM Card Controller boards are inserted into a 19” enclosure. The 19” enclosure is connected to the Internet. Therefore all the SIM cards can now be accessed over the Internet. On the other end we will have the mobile phone, with the empty SIM card slot. In the place where the SIM card is usually located, we will insert the DISIM SIM Card Emulator cable connector. The DSIM SIM Card Emulator lets the phone think that a SIM card is inserted into the mobile phone. On the other end of the DISIM SIM Card Controller, we have a USB connector. Typically, the USB is connected to a computer, which is connected to the Internet. With a software provided by SUNTIS , the connection between the DISIM SIM Card Emulator and the SIM card, located in the DISIM SIM Card Controller is established. Once connected to the remote SIM card, the mobile phone is turned on and it connects to the mobile operator’s network. If another SIM card is required, it is sufficient to turn off the mobile phone and repeat the connection procedure with the new SIM.


DISIM components guarantee a smooth operation:

  • DISIM SIM Card Controller

  • DISIM SIM Card Enclosure

  • DISIM SIM Card Emulator

  • DISIM Control Center Software

DISIM SIM Card Controller

The DISIM SIM Card Controller is a one of a kind device. Its intelligence is hidden in the various layers of software, tightly integrated with the state of the art hardware. A few highlights:

  • Each DISIM SIM Card Controller may hold up to 32 SIM cards;

  • 16 of the 32 SIM cards can be inserted or removed at the front of the DISIM SIM Card Controller without removing the controller from the enclosure;

  • Flexible distributed technology. DISIM SIM Card Controllers can be configured in a network of DISIM servers, geographically spread over the globe or all placed in one location;

  • APDU interface offers a remote computer to SIM command channel;

  • A secure connection to the SIM ensures privacy protection;

  • The protocol between the SIM and the mobile device or computer can be monitored and traced for debugging purposes;

  • All SIM card form factors supported. MICRO and NANO form factors require an adapter.

DISIM SIM Card Enclosure

DISIM SIM Card Enclosure holds DISIM SIM Card Controllers. With the integrated internet interface the connection is established between the cloud computers and the SIM cards inserted in the various DISIM SIM Card Controllers.

  • Standard 19” enclosure equipped a DISIM bus, switching power supply and an Ethernet repeater;

  • Scalable - up to 16 DISIM SIM Card Controllers can be placed into a single 19” enclosure, providing storage capacity for 512 SIM cards within one single enclosure. Of course, numerous enclosures can be interconnected to one or more SIM hubs for unlimited SIM storage and access capacity.

DISIM SIM Card Emulator

The main function of the DISIM SIM Card Emulator is to make believe to the mobile device that a SIM card is inserted in its SIM Card holder. It has one USB interface and one SIM Card Interface. Through the USB connection, the DISIM SIM Card Emulator connects to a computer. The computer has a DISIM driver installed, which establishes a connection between the DISIM SIM Card Emulator and connects over the Internet to a predefined SIM, located in a DISIM SIM Card Controller. The SIM Card Interface presents itself with a flat cable and a SIM like board attached at one end. The SIM like board fits nicely into the phone in the holder where a SIM card is usually placed.

  • DISIM SIM Card Emulator draws power from the USB connection;

  • DISIM SIM Card Emulator is available as a complete device, ready to use;

  • Custom form factors can be provided if desired.

DISIM Control Center Software

SUNTIS offers two levels of software packaging. The OEM software allows integrators to adapt DISIM into their solutions. In that case, the integrator will need to create own application to use DISIM. Microsoft Windows operating system is supported.

The server software offers the possibility to readily apply DISIM in order to connect a SIM card to the desired mobile phone. Neither integration nor programming is necessary. The operator can manage all SIM cards and all available mobile phones on one single platform. Once the connection between the mobile phone and the SIM card is established, the mobile phone can be used as though the SIM card was inserted locally. WEB based client-server architecture allows for online access to the application. 

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