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SUNTIS strivers to establish long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients and become their trusted partner. Such partnerships allow us to build dedicated solutions, to create and maintain client-specific knowledge over a long period of time and to seek overall process improvements and efficiency gains with dedicated and personalised relationship.

“SUNTIS has been working with Vodafone for more than 15 years. It is not easy to find a partner who has expertise in both, Information Technology and Telecommunication and at the same time is sensible to the continuously changing environment.”

Paolino Cottone, IT Manager VODAFONE

"SUNTIS has provided SBB with an integrated solution that is tailor made to our needs and which enables SBB to efficiently manage all the processes and workflows necessary for daily operation of SBB’s GSM-R network, as well as our fixed line telecom equipment. In today’s fast changing environment, an efficient management of SBB’s telecom services would be unimaginable without the system provided by SUNTIS. "

Kurt Schmid, Head of Railway Communication, Telecom  Dept., SBB

"DB Netz is one of Europe’s largest and foremost railway companies. DB Netz operates and manages its own GSM-R telecom network and equipment. For the smooth operation and management of the GSM-R SIM cards, subscribers and equipment, DB Netz has engaged SUNTIS to provide a tailor made system TAPS. The new system is fully operational and fulfills all the requirements of DB Netz. It was a pleasure working with SUNTIS, a knowledgeable, reliable and innovative solution partner."

Alexander Michels, TK-Servicemanagement, DB Netz

"Swisscom relies on SUNTIS as an important partner for the Smart Card Know-How. SWISSCOM has been working with SUNTIS for many years now and intend to continue this important partnership."

Peter Jenni, Smart Card Management, Swisscom